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Volt 12 Inch Junior Green

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AMIGO Volt balance bike On the stylish AMIGO Volt children learn to move around in a playful way and develop a sense of balance. The feet stay close to the ground, which really boosts children’s self-confidence. The Volt has a specially shaped saddle and air-filled tires for a comfortable ride. This safe and stylish balance bike is the perfect stepping stone to big bikes! The right balance bike This balance bike from AMIGO has everything you need in a balance bike. Children can’t start their motor development early enough, and a balance bike helps a lot with that. Children can’t start their motor development early enough, and a balance bike helps a lot with that, as it helps them to balance, walk, run, estimate and laugh. Besides the fact that it is good for their development, it is even better to know that children have fun with it. A balance bike is also the perfect preparation for learning to ride a bike. Children who have been riding around on a balance bike for years seem to have less trouble with their balance than children who have learned to ride with training wheels. Eye for detail At AMIGO Volt, much attention has been paid to detail. A robust frame in a solid colour with some subtle colour accents and rims in a contrasting colour. The brown grips and brown saddle make it a real eye-catcher! Safety first Nothing is as important as riding a safe balance bike. We have thought of this at AMIGO! The raised edges on the handlebar ensure your hands will not slip off the handlebar, so you can steer safely. The wide pneumatic tyres provide an ideal grip on the ground. In addition, the robust materials ensure that the balance bike can take a beating. The balance bike for you Are you looking for an affordable and super stylish balance bike? Then the AMIGO Volt is perfect for you. Not only does the bike look great, it’s also handy, sturdy and safe. What more could you want? AMIGO AMIGO is a buddy for everyone. Genuine Dutch design, and at a very friendly price. With this cheerful balance bikes, children make their first small trips through the streets. The balance bikes have a sturdy frame and are available in different types and countless colors. Will AMIGO be your new best friend? Specifications: Gender: junior Colour: green Frame material: magnesium Material rims: aluminium Material hubs: aluminium Material stem: aluminium Wheel size: 12 inch Adjustable saddle height: 32-41 cm Adjustable handlebar height: not adjustable Tyres: pneumatic tyres Gears: none Weight: 2,6 kg Age: 2 to 4 years

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