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AMIGO Police Balance Bike Start catching all the crooks with the AMIGO Police! The Police balance bike allows children to move around in a playful way and develop a sense of balance. This balance bike has a specially shaped saddle and tires for a comfortable ride. This safe and sturdy balance bike is the perfect stepping stone to the bigger bikes! The Right Balance Bike This AMIGO Police has everything you need for a balance bike. Children cannot start early enough with their motor development, and a balance bike helps a lot with that. You can work with your little one on balancing, walking, and running. And, most importantly, you will enjoy a lot of fun. Besides learning motor skills, a balance bike is the perfect preparation for learning to ride a bicycle. Children who have ridden around on a balance bike appear to have less trouble with their balance than children who have learned to cycle with training wheels! Attention to Detail For someone who wants to stand out, it’s all about the details. With the AMIGO Police, you don’t have to worry about that! You can find the cool police stripes on the frame. Get on your balance bike and hit the road to catch all the crooks! Safety First Safety is our top priority for the balance bike. The raised edges on the handles ensure that their hands do not slide off the handlebar and can therefore continue to steer safely. Like a real bicycle, it has a bell on it. A good way for children to learn to deal with this (sensibly). Others can hear them coming through so that playing can continue undisturbed. The Balance Bike for You Are you looking for a safe and stunning balance bike? Then the AMIGO Police is the ideal bike for you! This cool balance bike not only looks good, but it is also handy, sturdy and safe. What else do you want? AMIGO At AMIGO we have a cycling buddy for anyone! The bike is crafted through a Dutch design for a welcoming price. Children take their first little trips through the streets with these cheerful bicycles. The sturdy side wheels help the children to gain confidence and maintain their balance. The bicycles have a stable frame and are available in numerous colors and different tire sizes. Will AMIGO be your next best friend? Specifications: Gender: junior Colour: white Frame material: steel Material rims: steel Material hubs: steel Handlebar stem material: steel Wheel size: 12 inch Adjustable saddle height: 34 -41 cm Adjustable handlebar height: 58 – 60 cm Tyres: pneumatic tyres Gears: none Weight: 5 kg Age: 2 to 4 years

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