Black Cruiser 14 Inch 25 cm Boys Coaster Brake Matte black

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For all boys who want to cycle to school quickly and want to look cool, there is this Black Cruiser children’s bicycle from Volare! A sporty and tough boys’ bike that makes every child’s heart beat faster. This matte black bike (with a wheel size of 14 inches) guarantees lots of riding fun! Safety first The closed chain guard and mudguards on the children’s bike prevent rips and dirt in clothing. By safely shielding the chain, dirt will not get into the chain and it will continue to work properly. The training wheels provide balance on the bike. You can by the side wheels namely practice on the pedaling and steering, so you already get used to it. Perfect for those who want to learn how to ride a bike! Strong tires The sturdy Black Cruiser boys’ bicycle provides lots of fun and invites you to go cycling. The super cool vintage look and the sturdy, extra wide pneumatic tires immediately draw attention on the street. You can rely on the massive and robust frame. To slow down the speed, this bike has a handbrake and back pedal brake. Sporty bike for every tough guy! In America, the tough guys cycle along the „Beach”. Of course every tough guy wants this, even if he is still young. This 14 inch Black Cruiser is a solid and solid bicycle where children from 3.5 to 5 years will have a lot of fun. Lovely riding around on a beautiful bike along the beach, through the streets or just at home. With this boys bike, a comfortable ride is guaranteed! General specifications: Color: black, white Gender: boys Frame material: steel Material rims: steel Material spokes: steel Spokes adjustable: yes Tire type: pneumatic tires (extra wide) Gears: no Springs: no Weight: 11,5 kg Age: 3,5 to 5 years Specifications sizes: Wheel size: 14 inch Frame size: 25 cm Inseam length: 49 cm Saddle height (lowest position off the ground): 46.5 cm Seat height adjustable: yes Handlebar height adjustable: yes Specifications brakes: Type of front brake: knee brake Rear brake type: back-pedal brake Specifications accessories: Chain guard: closed Side wheels: yes Bicycle bell: yes Stand: no

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